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Welcome to FlatGallery

New in version 2.1

  • Minor: Fixed integration issue with other PHP
  • Minor: die() functions replaced by return false;
  • Minor: Errors return false and set $gal->error; to an error message
  • Minor: Image directory only needs to be readable now. Chmod 0755 is sufficient.

What is FlatGallery?

FlatGallery is a simple image gallery producer that requires no database backend. Users simply add images to a directory and FlatGallery will recognise this and produce thumbnails that are cached for later use. Producing thumbnails only when images ar added lessens the strain on servers that produce thumbnails "on the fly" for every image, every time the page is refreshed. FlatGallery also deletes thumbnails when the image is removed from the image directory. Nearly all aspects of FlatGallery are customizable such as number of images per page, thumbnail size, what to display, etc.

FlatGallery can be run as a standalone gallery or as an integrated part of a pre-existing webpage. The class structure of FlatGallery makes it extremely small and flexible. All your formating is done via stylesheets. There is little to no set-up required. All you need are PHP, GDLib, and some pictures!

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